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Preparing For a

Growing Family

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Preparing for a growing family!

Congratulations! A growing family is a wonderful change to look forward too. And upgrading your living space is a common reaction to a family about to outgrow their current space.

Real Estate & Growing FamilyThe new house may not cost more.

This might be counterintuitive to many but not all neighborhoods, communities, or cities are same. For example, owning a home in the right neighborhood in the heart of a city often demands a greater price than a home sitting in the burbs’. Are there tradeoffs? Sure. But don’t automatically assume a higher monthly mortgage payment simply because you need space for a cavernous man cave – I mean, spacious family room.

But, it probably will cost more.

Moving into a larger space often means having to fill that space – this means, more furniture and décor. This may also mean more house and landscape maintenance, high utility bills, and sometimes, higher transportation costs if moving a bit further from your place of employment.

Consider Your Timing.

Most folks do not want two mortgages – and in highly competitive markets, contingency sales are not ideal in winning your dream home. Speaking with your REALTOR® on how best to time your present home sale while shopping for your new home is the best place to start. Your REALTOR® will take into consideration up-to-date real estate data they have exclusive access, local trends, and using their professional experience, formulate a plan that best mitigates timing concerns.

Sell Before Your Buy.

Ideally, you’ll want to sell your home before you buy your next home. This represents a lot of moving parts and you’ll want your REALTOR® in the middle of it all to help coordinate the process. Resist the urge to celebrate your home as being sold simply because you have an offer – your home is not sold until it closes.

Real Estate & Growing FamilyConsider Her Timing.

Getting in and out of the car, looking at homes, going up and down stairs, pack